Crying Woman

Why doesn't my house sell?????

Survey says...... it could be one of the 9 reasons below

Survey answers from Facebook friends and clients. “” indicate the actual statements made.

1. Odors

     a. Pets “house had a litter box full of poop. Disgusting.”
     b. Last night’s dinner “strong, lingering food smells that we didn’t know if they could be removed.”
     c. Mildew/mold
     d. Smoke “I once sold a house that was completely repainted inside and still needed remediation from a professional company to get the smell out”
      e. Air freshener
“the strongest air “freshener” I’ve ever smelled. It was like wearing so much perfume you get a headache, can TASTE the “aroma”, and it feels like hours (days? Years?!) before the fragrance has escaped your soul.”

2. Water issues

      a. Crawl space
      b. Basement
      c. Roof leaks
      d. Gutters
      e. Lay of the land (water runs toward the house)
      f. Water spots on ceilings

3. Interior issues

      a. Textured ceilings
      b. Dated kitchen
      c. Dated bathroom
      d. Dated wallpaper
      e. Worn carpet
      f. Carpet in bathroom “Yuck”
      g. Too many different types of flooring

4. Exterior issues

      a. Barking dogs, yours, or the neighbors
      b. Unkept neighboring yard/house “honestly, a bigger issue for me was the scary house next door!”
     c. Trees too close to house
      d. No landscaping
      e. Too many trees
      f. Lack of available parking
      g. Wood rot
      h. Foundation cracks
      i. Steep driveway

5. Location

      a. Busy street
      b. Power lines in view
     c. Train tracks too close

6. Clutter

      a. Clothes
      b. Knick-knacks “Too much customization to your specific tastes can be bad.. We saw a house once with a television and a ceiling fan installed in every room, including bathrooms and the garage! “
      c. Stuffed closets
  d. Personal photos

 7. Too much furniture

8. Paint colors

      a. Different in every room
      b. Too bright
      c. Too dark
      d. Textured

9. Wallpaper