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Though Georgia natives, George and Sue Haynes have lived in various cities, states and even countries. Those various experiences have given them a great appreciation for all Atlanta has to offer. In 1984, they made what is now the city of Dunwoody their home.

Sue became a licensed real estate agent during her junior year in college. She quickly realized doing work that she actually enjoyed led to an all around better quality of life.

George, on the other hand, was a serious student graduating with honors from the University of Kentucky. After that he spent 4 years in the U.S. Coast Guard before becoming the top salesman in a telecommunications firm. That’s when Sue found him and never let go. They married in 1981 and have worked together as business partners since 1991. Up until 2002 they owned and operated a 15-person consulting/sales training company based in Atlanta serving fortune 500 companies in 10 different states. That’s when they started real estate on a full-time basis.

After working for several large, nationally-known real estate firms in the area, Sue and George opened their own real estate brokerage, Haynes and Associates, in 2008. They love doing business ‘their way’. Their clients seem to like it too, as a large portion of their business comes from referrals.

In 2017, they hired their first agent and are continuing to grow the business. They both have years of experience in sales and sales management and they and enjoy sharing those experiences with others. Their business objective is to hire and train agents to be the best in Atlanta. We all strive to be your Favorite Real Estate Agent. (Be sure and check out our Reviews)

When it comes to life outside of real estate, George likes to read, cook, fish and keep his yard looking like the Yard of the Month year-round. Sue likes to eat George’s cooking, pilot her drone and hone her photography skills.

Whether you’re looking for a home, a listing agent, or an agency with which to associate, give them a call. Your favorite real estate agent will soon be a Haynes and Associates agent.

Sue Haynes

Sue Haynes

Born and raised in Atlanta, Sue knows its downtown, burbs and history like no other. Southern to her core (but definitely no Southern Belle) she has a special knack for telling it like it is without offending or patronizing. Clients enjoy her straight-forward humor as she turns knowledge gleaned from years of experience into helpful tips for their particular buying or selling situations.

Sue considers herself a real estate consultant. First time home buyers get an education and loads of help. Seasoned home owners get respectful suggestions and reminders. Solving problems and helping clients get what they want is what drives her. Being the top realtor in Atlanta is not her goal. Being your favorite real estate agent is. Contact her and share your story… she’s sure she can help.



George Haynes

George Haynes

George has spent his entire professional career working in various sales and marketing capacities. His collective experiences have placed George in a unique position to successfully negotiate on behalf of his real estate clients.

As an avid do-it-yourselfer with a lifetime of home maintenance and repair/remodeling experience, George has a wealth of practical knowledge that benefits his clients. He can offer advice regarding virtually every aspect of home ownership, whether you’re planning to buy or preparing to sell. Because of his extensive knowledge of practically every aspect of a house and all of the disparate systems involved, his clients place a lot of weight on his opinions and have come to rely on his realistic assessments of the various pros and cons of a property.

To George, the most enjoyable aspect of the real estate profession is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and provide sound advice in a very personable manner. Consequently, he along with his wife Sue has built an extensive client base over the years. Closing a sale and generating a commission is secondary to George… by far the most important aspect of the home buying or selling experience is ensuring that his clients make decisions that are in their own best interest.


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