Lindsay McCord

Waking up each morning next to her husband of 8+ years, to the sounds of three sweet, not so quiet, voices down the hall is a typical way for Lindsay’s day to start. Her days did not always start this way but serving people makes her happy.

Previously, Lindsay spent a couple of years at Starbucks, handcrafting your favorite latte and training others to do the same. Later, she served the good people of Colorado Springs by answering all sorts of insurance questions and setting up various types of insurance policies. After that, her inclination to serve turned to becoming a technician, then a manager, at a tissue donation facility in the Denver area. Tissue transplants are truly a gift to the beneficiary, and she liked that idea, but never got to actually meet the donor or the recipient. That would have made it even better.

So today, when those voices wake Lindsay up, her hope is to serve you by helping guide your heart to your new home, whether it be in Dunwoody, North Atlanta or even the greater metropolitan Atlanta area.

If you are a Buyer or a Seller and have any concerns about how to deal with your children while you’re looking to buy or about to sell, call her. She knows how to work it out!