Creepy property…Halloween or not!

by Lindsay McCord

It’s that time of year when things “go bump in the night”… or in the house if you’re a real estate agent. Having shown many houses over the last four years, my clients and I have run into a some creepy situations.

For instance, one morning I was viewing homes for an out-of-town client. I crouching down in my heels and slacks to check out a crawl space with a not-as bright-as-I-would-have-liked phone flashlight, a black cat ran across the space and disappeared into a hole. My heart skipped a beat but not real harm done.

Another time, while wandering the backyard of a different house my client calls over to me, “LINDSAY…is that a copperhead?” Seconds later, standing by her side, I recognized it was indeed the said venomous snake. Fortunately, it lunged into the creek, startling both of us!

Some houses just give a general creepy feeling, like when you find that there are hidden passageways connecting a child’s bedroom closet to the master closet, or other houses that are listed as being “vacant.” but aren’t. Yes… we walked in and right away found a pair of house slippers by the door, furniture and other things you normally find when someone LIVES THERE. Needless to say, neither of us felt entirely comfortable that no one was really home. It was just creepy.