Homes are more than houses

by Lindsay McCord

Saying good-bye to a home you purchased right after you said “I Do”, brought home your first baby to, sang happy birthday and blew out candles, and shed tears of both joy and sorrow, can be tough.

Closing an old chapter and starting a new one is not easy because of course, we don’t like change. It’s important to stay positive and stay focused on the future.

Perhaps this will help…

  • Have a close friend come help you pack a couple boxes
  • Have a family member help you sort through a stuffed closet or memory box
  • Cry the tears to pay homage to the home you love
  • Most of all, look forward to the new memories you will make in your new home
  • Plan out where your reading nook will be set up in your master bedroom
  • Consider which cabinets your kitchen items will take up residence.

Your future is bright. Follow that light and let it lead your way into your new home!