How Many Houses Should a Buyer View?

June 6, 2020 — By

Well, it depends. The average is probably around 10 but I have shown over 50 to some of my clients.(You know who you are and I love you anyway!) Even when the first one is “The One”, it’s smart to look at a few others for comparison.

Buyers generally know what features they want in a house, but some don’t seem to place enough emphasis on what many people consider the three most important aspects of real estate… “Location, Location, Location”. However that’s not really the first thing to consider.

First things first…

Even before deciding on a location a Buyer needs to be sure they know all they need to know about getting a mortgage. Things like:

  • What’s my true credit score?
  • What will my down payment be?
  • How much will the monthly payment be?
  • Will the payment include taxes and insurance?
  • What price range should I look in?

All items that only a mortgage consultant can answer… and a real person will be more helpful that a web site… especially as you move through the selling process.

Then comes location

Why second? Didn’t I just quote the three rules: Location, Location,.Location? Simple, because finding a home in a location you can’t afford is a real heart breaker. We encourage Buyers to set their priorities about that ever important location.Consider the areas where you’ll be happy and limit your house searching to ONLY houses in those areas/

If you’re moving from out of town, and aren’t familiar with the area finding an agent who knows the territory is a must. Haynes and Associates has you covered there! Regardless of how much you know about metro Atlanta, nailing down some personal preferences about
location up front can save a lot of time and energy later on.

Consider the list below, make some decisions, then give us a call. We’ll gladly take it
from there. You’ll know you’ve seen the right number of homes when your
heart and your pocket book agree that “This is the one!”

  • School districts
  • Zip codes
  • Work commute (time not miles) from your office
  • Walk or drive to park/restaurants/shopping/place of worship/etc…
  • Adult community
  • Family oriented community
  • Neighborhood with pool/tennis/workout facilities